Concert – Together for Israel LTD (PBC)

Public Call for Receiving Information

“Concert” – Together for Israel Ltd. (PBC) (referred to herein as “Concert”) is a public benefit company which aims to improve Israel’s public image in the world and to advance the battle against the de-legitimization movement, BDS, and the new anti-Semitism.

As part of its activities, Concert uses a variety of tools, including: the organization of delegations to Israel, media and campaigns, information and research, supporting the activities of pro-Israel organizations in the network, and more.

“Concert” works, among other things, according to the government’s decision to create a joint initiative to work together with it in the fields detailed above.

This process aims to create a broad and varied information base, which will serve “Concert,” among others and in the appropriate cases, to advance joint projects with one or more of those who submit a response to this call for proposals.